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Hey, it’s time for the NOW Magazine Reader’s Choice Poll, and YOGAthletix is nominated! Here are the top 10 reasons why I love YOGAthletix, and why it deserves your vote for best workout studio.

  1. FRIENDLY AND LAID BACK – Don’t know a plank from a plié? No need to feel intimidated. Everyone at the studio is welcoming to all levels.
  2. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – There’s a wide variety of yoga and fitness classes. Studio directors Jamie and Glenn describe their style as the “Goldilocks” approach to yoga and fitness: not too spiritual, not too physical, it’s juuuuust right.
  3. AWESOME TEACHERS – The teachers are motivating and knowledgable.
  4. SUPPORTS LOCAL – They support local artists by using the reception area as a gallery space so you can peruse the artwork before and after class.
  5. LOCATION – The location can’t be beat! I ❤ Leslieville.
  6. BEAUTIFUL SPACE – The studio is bright, clean, well-designed, and spacious.
  7. KILLER MUSIC – The soundtracks used in class are the best!
  8. GIVES RESULTS – The workout is incredible. The next day you’ll meet muscles that you never knew you had.
  9. VARIETY – There’s always a lot going on, whether it’s yoga in the park, candlelit class for earth day, or a free self-defense seminar for women.
  10. COMMUNITY AND SUPPORT – There’s a 21 day YOGAthletix Living Challenge starting on September 14th! Gather friends and sign up for this fun challenge!

Follow the link below to participate in the poll. We hope you’ll give us your vote! ☺


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