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Why We Shouldn’t Beat Ourselves Up Over “Failed” Resolutions By now we’ve reached that critical point in the new year where we begin to question every resolution we’ve made so far as well as our ability to keep these resolutions. At first it’s easy to believe we can change all of our “bad” habits but we realize all too soon that our will power can only exert itself for so long before it begins to give out.

What we need to remember is that although it seems justified to try to shake all of our bad habits at once this is actually the wrong way to change our behavior. It may seem logical to us to quit smoking, give up wine and lose weight at the same time but in reality for many people this only results in failure to rid themselves of any of their bad behaviors.

Instead of beating ourselves up over not being able to stick to our many, many, new years resolutions we need to respect the feebleness of self-control, and we should spread our resolutions out over the entire year. It is a cold hard fact that human routines are stubborn things and bad habits are hard to break. We make it next to impossible for ourselves to break these habits if we try to break them all at once.

If you made a resolution to attend a fitness class at YOGAthletix everyday of the week but you only made it three times this week don’t look at the situation with the view that you’ve fallen short of your goal. Instead remember that taking any type of fitness class is amazing for your health and going at all is an accomplishment in itself. Remember baby steps!

So if like me, you’re someone who has already begun to feel guilty for not sticking to his or her resolutions don’t simply give up. Make small changes in your daily life; such as trying to break one habit at a time or going to one more class a week. Remember to celebrate your successes when it comes to your resolutions but don’t dwell on your failures. Realize that we are all human and that breaking a habit is hard. Most importantly don’t give up! Setback and failures are two different things – we all have set backs in life, but those of us who push through them overcome failure.


Jessica is just your average 20-something girl who is studying Communications at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. She loves Netflix, fro-yo, and Lauren Conrad. Jessica believes that everything happens for a reason and she hopes to one day own a Direwolf.