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5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Work Out With A Group

I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat of a “lone wolf” when it came to fitness. I enjoyed going to the gym alone and working out at my own pace, choosing what I wanted to do that day and how my workout would run. I never understood all the hype around group fitness, that is until now. In the past three days I have attended four fitness classes at YOGAthelix: GetnFit, Barre, Psycle and Yogasana and I’m hooked! I enjoyed each and every one of these classes so much more than I could have imagined and got so much more out of my workout than I ever have before working out alone and here’s why:

 1.    I am able to MAINTAIN MY MOTIVATION: 

With the support of my teachers and the inspiration of the others in the class I find myself never giving up. When I am on my own at the gym it is so much easier to stop my exercise regime, unlike in a group setting where I push myself from start to finish to keep up with those around me.

 2.   Group fitness gives me the CONFIDENCE I lacked working out on my own:

I find that by working-out in a group with the instructions of the teacher I am given the support I need to unleash my true physical potential. Just a few minutes into that first class something magical started to happen, I started to enjoy exercising rather than just seeing it as a chore!

 3.    I am now ACCOUNTABLE to my fitness:

It’s easy to skip the gym when you work out on your own. Group fitness gives me that extra push I need to make sure I not only show up to class each day but also to make sure I work my butt off when I get there!


Sure I used to go to the gym for a little over an hour each time I went, but was I really working-out for that entire time? NO!!! Group fitness classes are so much more efficient. From start to finish you’re working and pushing yourself harder than you could have imagined.

5.     IT’S MORE FUN:

Lets face it, human beings are social creatures and for the most part we love being around other people. We like to laugh, joke and have a good time. This is one of my favorite things about the fitness classes at YOGAthletix. All of the teachers and students joke together about the physical agony our bodies are in during the workout while we are simultaneously pushing each other to workout even harder!

So in my opinion working out in a group setting trumps working out alone every single time! In a world where we have become so dependent on smartphones, texting, email etc. working-out with a group offers a chance for human interaction that is disappearing!  Group workouts motivate you, give you confidence, hold you accountable, make the most of your time while working out and allows you a chance to have some fun and make friends! Group fitness requires you to get involved and trust me all of the qualified, fun and friendly staff at YOGAthletix are going to make sure you feel integrated into the group and right at home! So what are you waiting for come out and take a group fitness class already!?!?!?!?!


Jessica is just your average 20-something girl who is studying Communications at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. She loves Netflix, fro-yo, and Lauren Conrad. Jessica believes that everything happens for a reason and she hopes to one day own a Direwolf.