A More Positive View

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I must admit that recently I found that my faith humanity has been slightly shaken. It seems as though everyday I read another devastating headline about ridiculous presidential elections, about shootings, about hatred and about violence. I find myself wondering and asking myself (and also inadvertently quoting The Black Eye Peas) “where is the love”? So I thought I would take a minute to shed some light on a few news stories that didn’t exactly make headlines this summer, but did help me salvage my faith in humanity.   May 9th...

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5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Work Out With A Group

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5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Work Out With A Group I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat of a “lone wolf” when it came to fitness. I enjoyed going to the gym alone and working out at my own pace, choosing what I wanted to do that day and how my workout would run. I never understood all the hype around group fitness, that is until now. In the past three days I have attended four fitness classes at YOGAthelix: GetnFit, Barre, Psycle and Yogasana and I’m hooked! I enjoyed each and every one of these classes so much more than I...

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RESOLUTIONS Why We Shouldn’t Beat Ourselves Up Over “Failed” Resolutions By now we’ve reached that critical point in the new year where we begin to question every resolution we’ve made so far as well as our ability to keep these resolutions. At first it’s easy to believe we can change all of our “bad” habits but we realize all too soon that our will power can only exert itself for so long before it begins to give out. What we need to remember is that although it seems justified to try to shake all of our bad habits at once this...

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NA-MA-STAY Hello all! I’m very excited to announce that I’m the newest blogger on the amazing YOGAthletix team and coincidentally, I just so happen to be Jamie’s baby sis (hehehe)! Let me start by saying that I am just a baby in the “yoga scene” and have, until recently, always been extremely skeptical of practice. I confess that in the past, yoga classes often left me feeling uncomfortable – mumbling “Namaste” under my breath at the end of every class normally left me feeling silly and downright idiotic. However,...

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The Story Behind Psycle

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The Story Behind Psycle I taught indoor cycling for 10 years before opening YOGAthletix and focusing strictly on yoga and ballet barre fitness. After going through bi-lateral hip replacement surgery last winter I turned to indoor cycling classes to help with my recovery. Yoga and BarreFit played a large role in regaining my hip flexibility and cycling provided me with a lower impact option to get my quads, glutes and hip flexor muscles back into shape. Once I started cycling again it reminded me how complimentary indoor cycling was to my...

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Progress vs Process

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Today I want to talk about something that all of us, as yogis or athletes, as regular people with health and exercise goals, have to face every now and then: the idea of progress. Progress is the tantalizing carrot being waved in front of us during our workouts, the goal that keeps us coming back to class, but more likely, that overloads us with guilt when we can’t make it in. It’s usually a number on the scale, or a challenging yoga posture to master, or a feat like accomplishing a number of pushups or running a certain distance in a...

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10 reasons why YOGAthletix deserves your vote

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Hey, it’s time for the NOW Magazine Reader’s Choice Poll, and YOGAthletix is nominated! Here are the top 10 reasons why I love YOGAthletix, and why it deserves your vote for best workout studio. FRIENDLY AND LAID BACK – Don’t know a plank from a plié? No need to feel intimidated. Everyone at the studio is welcoming to all levels. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – There’s a wide variety of yoga and fitness classes. Studio directors Jamie and Glenn describe their style as the “Goldilocks” approach to yoga and fitness: not too...

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H2O cocktail – Hydrate well

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So, summer is winding down, right? Barbeques and cottages and days at the beach, it’s all almost over. It’s time to forget about waterparks and campfires and trips to the island. Right? This kind of talk is what you starting hearing as far back as the August long weekend, accompanied by much regretful sighing and head shaking. By the time we make it to Labour Day most people have more or less written summer off. Not me. I am not down. Here’s the thing. The great parts of summer are the same as the not-so-great ones: we treat ourselves to...

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Hey there! Welcome to the YOGAthletix blog, one more way for us to connect with our students and let you get to know us better 🙂 I’ve always had a fascination with ballet. Something about the outfits (that pale pink! those precious little buns!), the graceful posture, that cute way that dancers always walk – anyway, I should have taken ballet as a child, but to tell the truth, as much as I was fascinated by the beauty of dance, I was also a little bit (shhhh) lazy. I wasn’t into sports or gymnastics. I did circus school for a year...

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