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Hey there! Welcome to the YOGAthletix blog, one more way for us to connect with our students and let you get to know us better 🙂

I’ve always had a fascination with ballet. Something about the outfits (that pale pink! those precious little buns!), the graceful posture, that cute way that dancers always walk – anyway, I should have taken ballet as a child, but to tell the truth, as much as I was fascinated by the beauty of dance, I was also a little bit (shhhh) lazy. I wasn’t into sports or gymnastics. I did circus school for a year or so (and rocked the tight rope bigtime) but pulled my hamstring trying to do the splits and then gave up. I was that kid. What did I care about fitness? I was young, my body worked just fine, thanks, and I was more into choir anyway.

Then when I was 19 I did yoga for the first time and something happened. Suddenly, moving, stretching, and sweating were actually fun; the challenge meant that I had a goal; the postures changed my body in ways that astonished me. The things I was capable of! Yoga turned my fairly terrible body image into a great one, not because my body changed very much, but because I saw it in a whole new light: not just what it looked like, but what it could do for me, and in return, what I should do for it.

So I started doing yoga, lots and lots of it, but for a long time that was really the only form of exercise I wanted to pursue. This past fall, though, a friend brought me into YOGAthletix and I tried my first Barre Fit® class. Once again, it was a game changer. There was loud, awesome dance music (Johnny give me your playlist). There was a whole lot of challenge and a whole lot of fun. I actually laughed, out loud, and smiled for most of the class. And best of all, it was ballet-esque. Okay, maybe not to a purist, but I got to plie and tendu and hold my arm like a prima ballerina and pretend I had that pink leotard and bunhead I wanted when I was 8. My arms, legs and core got stronger, but best of all I liberated myself from the belief that I could only do one practice for the rest of my life. Now, I still do lots and lots of yoga, but I do barre and getnfit classes as well, and I bike around the city as much as I can. I do random ab workouts off the internet just for laughs, because exercise can be, should be, a good time.

YOGAthletix is all about the whole picture. Exercise, mindfulness, health, and enjoying life. This blog is a place where we’ll talk about the healing benefits of yoga, cool facts and fitness tips, nutrition info, and where we’ll pass on words of wisdom that we come across to help you through your day. And every now and then we may even make you laugh 😉


Screen shot 2015-07-29 at 6.54.46 PMHalliday Reynolds is a writer and Bikram yoga teacher from Toronto. She recently spent four years in Paris, and came home to sponge off her relatives and write her first novel. You can read her work on, a site she co-founded and on social media as @hdayreynolds.